We made it!


Despite my nerves the flight was fairly easy, until we got to Bangkok that is. As we were being driven to the runway I noticed we were being taken to a very old, very rickety looking plane, vintage! This worried me, a lot. When we got on it, it resembled one of the old busses I used to get to school every day, only smaller… To say I was nervous getting on this was an understatement! However, once in the air it felt fairly smooth and I relaxed a little. Looking out of the window I got my first glimpse of Cambodia. You could see floating houses along rivers and huts on stilts all huddled together in little villages between a lot of flooded countryside. Once we landed it felt surreal, I couldn’t believe we were finally here! There was a thin haze of cloud but the sun was still burning on my back as we walked from the plane to the airport.


The plane to from Bangkok to Siem Reap

Before we left we went to double check we had arranged the airport transfer but then found out our hotel booking had been cancelled! In a slight panic we managed to find somewhere else to stay relatively easily. But as we were on our way to the hotel it was explained to us that there was a problem with our room so we had been moved to a different one which was slightly further away. To our surprise it was a 5* hotel and spa! It’s amazing, we have full use of the spa area as well as a large swimming pool. Upon arriving we were greeted with a cold drink and a traditional Cambodian sweet wrapped in bamboo leaf – It was a mint green coloured square jelly with an almondy paste in the middle, very nice! All the staff are so friendly and helpful; Robs made a friend with the doorman who’s been teaching him how to speak Khmer and the hotel Representative, Alex, calls us King Rob and Queen Sarah because we are from Manchester (Alex is a fan of Manchester United and apparently David Beckham stayed at this hotel!).

Once we arrived we spent the day lazing around unwinding so In the evening we decided to go to the famous Pub Street to get some food, have some drinks and visit the night market! More on this in my next post!


The view of Cambodia!

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