A New Adventure


This week I’ve been back in Kent spending time with family and friends for a pre Christmas! It was so lovely catching up with everyone but the time always fly’s so fast. Before I left, my mum made me decorate the Christmas tree… As you can see from the photo at the bottom I got a bit carried away… But I did get to use the selfie stick that my sister bought me for Christmas! Thanks sis!

Since I’ve been back in Manchester I’ve not stopped running around getting last minute bits and sorting the house out (all the boring stuff pre holiday)But I’ve finally finished packing! After what feels like an eternity (why is it so hard??) So I can actually relax and look forward to our trip. Although I am quite a nervous flyer, the last time I did a long haul flight my ears wouldn’t pop when landing and I had the worst ear ache for 2 days so I really hope that doesn’t happen this time! I’ve also seen on the news recently that there’s been a plane crash, although that was in Pakistan it doesn’t ease my anxiety pre flight.

Focusing on the positive though, I did a little research on how to kill some time as we have a 5 hour layover in Paris de Gaulles. Discovered there’s a spa! If I can find it… I’ll be there straight away! For the full 5 hours probably (I wish!!) what better way to relax before a 10 hour flight then In a spa? (After a gin and tonic.. Obviously…) Let the holiday begin!


This is what happens when I’m left in charge of decorating the Christmas Tree!  

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