Welcome home

Who can believe I have just finished my first year teaching Nursery in Thailand!? (I survived!) Its gone unbelievably fast, but that’s always a good sign right? Its really taken me by surprise how much I have loved teaching here. Its been so rewarding seeing the pupils development from day 1 when they don’t want to leave their parents, to the final day when they don’t even bother saying bye! I could not have got through the year though without the best TA’s; Miss Sat, Miss Ellen, Miss Donna and Miss Ann! It really makes such a positive difference when you have such lovely, hard working and supportive TA’s, I’m going to miss them next year! (I wish I could bring them with me).


The summer holidays were a welcome break though as I was exhausted by the end of the term! It’s also been (nearly) a year before we moved away; my dad’s & aunties 60th and my nan’s 80th – the perfect time for a trip back home! As this is the longest I’ve ever been away from friends and family it was an emotional trip for me. Seeing my mum at the airport made me cry and seeing my dad walk away made me laugh (he thought I didn’t know he was coming – so he went to hide as my mum ran towards me with open arms, and much to her denial, crying a little bit! (My mum never cries!)). The first part of my trip was so busy as I spent time in Kent, Somerset, Guildford and London, eating all the food iv’e been missing (nando’s, roast dinner, fish and chips, English chocolate, Caramac, the list goes on!). I spent my time meeting goats, catching up with friends and family, strolling around London (my favourite city) and helping my sister with wedding related stuff. This for me meant a lot as she asked me to be her maid of honour! I was so excited to have the opportunity to be more involved, we spent the day wedding dress shopping and went to visit the location for the wedding, and I don’t want to give anything away but I think its perfect and even got quite emotional! The second part was spent in Manchester with Rob’s family. It was so lovely to see all his nieces and how they’ve grown up but it makes me miss everyone so much more. It was lovely to catch up with some friends and even visit my old work place, give Rob a full tour and check out the new cobbles! At the end of the 2 and a half weeks though I was exhausted and I was looking forward to seeing Charlie again as I was missing him lots.

Now, If you read my previous post, then your now know that we have a forever dog named Charlie! He is a little Chihuahua/Dachshund mix (we think) also known as a ‘Chiweenie’. He was abandoned on the side of a street in a horrible little cage and rescued by a nun: A little about this nun! She’s famous in the ‘dog rescue’ community and is known as the ‘selfie taking nun’ (she really loves sending selfies). A while ago she was kicked out of the temple because she refused to give up her rescue dogs (I should mention here, that she has 150+ street dogs under her care, and there’s been panic of a rabies outbreak). Naturally, she refused to give them up so she had no choice but to leave. When people heard about this, they fundraised and built her a shelter in the middle of the jungle for her and all the dogs. This is where we found Charlie. It was clear from the first minute we saw him that he should not be in that environment deserved a loving home, he’s simply not built for the street! We don’t know what happened to him or how he came to be there but it’s evident that hes been abused as he is very weary of new people and can be quite scared of men. However, with some little space and time he is the most loving, funny (and clumsy) dog and I don’t know how anyone could ever abuse and abandon him; I’m just glad that he’s found us and seems very very happy.


It’s now coming up to our 1 year anniversary for moving (cheesy I know) and I cant believe how fast it’s gone. It’s been so up and down, taking me at least 6 months to settle properly and really start enjoying my life in the land of smiles. Going back home and seeing everyone again made me feel so loved and missed so coming back has naturally made me feel a little home sick (but I’m sure it wont be long before I’m settled again!) My jet lag is all over the place (I couldn’t sleep till 5am the other night) and after 3 weeks off I’m definitely ready to go back to work. Tomorrow I start my new job; I am still a nursery teacher but at a Kindergarten that is much closer and the working hours are better to. Although I’m slightly nervous to start (I hate being the new person), I am excited to meet everyone, and surprisingly I’m starting to miss teaching and definitely feel ready to go back!

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