Koh Phi Phi!

Having been in Bangkok for nearly 2 months now I was feeling very ready to see more of Thailand. So, after much debate on deciding where to go me and Rob finally decided to head down South with friends to visit the Island that is Koh Phi Phi and I was extremely excited!

Before going to the Island I thought it would be a great idea to buy a massive unicorn lilo (because you cant enjoy your holiday until you’ve got a good Insta pic, babes!). I didn’t quite realise just how big it would be, and fitting it into my hand luggage was a struggle. Once at the hotel Rob and I ventured out to buy a pump for the lilo, as Kai had told us that you could buy them everywhere on the island (Thanks for that Kai…), turns out, nowhere sells them. In the end we borrowed a very small hand pump from a very kind lady in a very small shop. It took us half an hour to pump the bloody thing up. Half an hour! When we returned to the hotel pool we were getting some very strange looks, we definitely looked like ‘daddys credit card backpackers’. 

Out first night in Koh Phi Phi was interesting, and I cant say I remember much to be completely honest! It all started relatively calm with a few pre drinks and a nice meal out; it all went wrong when we decided to have a bucket whilst watching Thai Boxing. For those of you who haven’t been to Thailand before, Thai Boxing is very popular with drunk tourists volunteering to beat each other up, literally. After a bucket Kai’s friend Charles (the most British person I’ve ever met) decided to have a go. 10 minutes later he came out of the ring slightly worse for wear and ordered another bucket to numb the pain. A few buckets later and we decided to hit the beach rave. I don’t remember much but what I do remember is fire dancers, neon paint, more buckets, dancing like crazy and Rob ending the night straddling a giant penis with a bucket on his head. The walk home I was informed that I was demanding a McDonald’s (there are none on the Island but it sounds like something I would say!) and rob turned into the crazy cat man* stroking every cat he saw (there was a lot) so it took us a long time to get home.

The next morning I awoke feeling rather worse for ware. Wanting to embrace the day I got up and took our newly named unicorn, Roy to the beach. Carrying him there was not easy, Rob and Kai took it in turns to carry him on their head, bending down every time there was an electric cable, canopy or whatever else was in the way. We had a lot of funny looks, comments and even people taking photos! (I can only imagine how we looked). The beach itself was stunning and I will never forget the view, it was literally paradise. That was until my hangover kicked in and I suddenly had a dodgy stomach, casually walking over to the toilets like nothing was wrong I suddenly realised I had to pay 30 baht, which I didn’t have… Panicking by this point I ran back over and, not so politely asked Kai “have you got 30 baht? I’m going to shit myself!” (The glamour of living in Thailand).

After prancing about in the water on Roy for a while Kai was heading back when he got stung by a Sea Urchin! Which previously we had seen a warning sign about them being life threatening! Fortunately, after a trip to the clinic and a very blue finger he was told he would be fine with some pain relief and antiseptic.

22711884_10159683271330106_1436483116_oLater in the day, having returned to the hotel to recover, Kai thought it would be wise to leave his balcony doors open. As I was on my balcony I saw a monkey casually stroll into his room! Heading over to warn him I found Kai hiding in the bathroom and the monkey raiding the bin, the fridge and then Kai’s bag. At this point I decided to be the hero and get the monkey out. Picking up Kai’s flipflop I threatened throwing it at the monkey, but as I did it hissed its giant teeth and ran towards me. I have never been so scared, I had visions of it clinging and biting my leg. I literally ran for my life, but before I could, Kai shoved me out of the way and left the room first. Eventually the monkey left, after peeing all over Kai’s clothes.



That night we met some friends for dinner, and after planning to have a calm one – we ended up drinking buckets back at the beach rave. This time I was (very embarrassingly) trying to learn how to hula hoop and ended up on the Rodeo Bull ride, I am very proud of the fact that I thrashed Kai and Rob on it but did end up with a very swollen, sore little finger and a very sore foot.

The next morning, you can only imagine how rough I was feeling. But once again, not wanting to waste the day we booked a half day boat trip on a Thai long boat. Firstly we went to a place called Monkey Beach, which is exactly what it says. I wont lie about the fact that me, Rob and Kai were all petrified by these little monkeys after the hotel incident. The next stop was Maya Bay, where “The Beach” was filmed. It was much quieter then I had hoped and it was absolutely beautiful, no pictures do it justice! Moving on we then went snorkeling, which was all great until Kai got stung by ANOTHER Sea Urchin!! I have never known someone to have luck quite like Kai (this is one reason why I love him, he cracks me up) – fortunately he takes it all in his stride and is one of the most positive people I have ever met! Despite nearly passing out from the pain, he carried on, almost as though nothing had happened.

On our last afternoon we hired Kayaks and ventured out to sea where we soaked up the view, swam in the clear water and then lost half our possessions from capsizing the boats trying to get back in! The rest of the holiday was pretty chilled in comparison, apart from me being poorly for most of it (partly self inflicted from one too many buckets).

Tomorrow we are off to Kao Yai, a National Park just North of Bangkok. This trip will be a completely different vibe to Koh Phi Phi, exploring the jungle and hopefully seeing some wild elephants! I cant wait to see another side to Thailand and will fill you all in on my next blog.


*Koh Phi Phi has a lot of cats, and I mean a lot. They are all very tame and friendly, and I’m gathering, fairly well looked after (for strays anyway). After our first day of being on the island a cat followed us upstairs to our room, Rob started stroking her and not long after she started following him around the whole hotel. If Rob walked into someone else’s room, she would follow. Rob then decided to buy cat food the next day. The cat then returned every morning and night and waited outside our door to be fed. By the end of the holiday we had named her Roy Junior and she was chilling quite happily in our room!

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