A city of extremes

After writing my last blog I continued to feel home sick over the next few days. I found myself not wanting to embrace any Thai culture, I was feeling stressed at the fact nothing is ever easy (like getting a phone contract*) and not wanting to leave the house. After a forcing myself out to go for food and to the cinema with friends I felt a little better but ultimately what I really needed was a lazy Sunday lounging around, eating my body weight in food and binging on Netflix. Which is exactly what I did, and I felt so much better for it. Since then I have managed to cook spaghetti bolognaise, mexican, and now we have bought a work top oven we cooked chicken wrapped in parma ham, stuffed with mushroom and blue cheese with honey BBQ sauce and mash potato! This was definitely a pay day splurge but well worth it. Now I’m back to loving Bangkok and want to explore it and embrace it again.

Despite no longer feeling homesick, something I am still feeling is missing my family and friends from back home so so much: I miss going to The Pilot (my dads favorite restaurant) on a Friday night when visiting my family for the weekend, or driving down to see my best friend in Miton Keynes and making friends with the local transvestites on a night out (hahahaha). I miss taking Robs nieces out for the day and spending time with his family! My sister has just had 2 amazing things happen to her – and being over here makes it hard because despite having access to skype and facetime its never quite the same as seeing and spending time with someone in person; you cant hug them and share the good news in quite the same way!

Moving to Bangkok has been a city of extremes, a city of opposites and a city of ups and downs: I have seen extreme wealth and extreme poverty: I have had posh bottomless brunches at 5* hotels and amazing street for that cost just 60 baht: And my emotions been all over the place, I have felt tired and emotional and seem to cry a lot easier – but then I’ve had some of the best times, made the best memories already and always get the surreal feeling of “Omfg, I live in Bangkok!” And would I change any of it? No way!**

*I bought a phone contract when we first arrived – I specifically asked for a rolling one and not a 1 month tourist card. However, I seemed to end up with this any way without realising (either as a scam or due to the language barrier, i’m not quite sure!). After 1 month I topped up my card, 800baht for unlimited internet…. But 2 weeks later my internet completly ran out and I couldnt make any texts or calls. Feeling stressed about this (because I had no way to contact anyone if I was in trouble) I went to the phone shop as soon as I could. Once there they informed me that my sim card was now invalid and I ended up having to pay another 500baht to get a new rolling contract. Which also meant a new number – so if you need it WhatsApp me (I’m still registered as my old number on there).
**Apart from maybe shipping all my family and friends out here… Obviously!



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