My life as a Teacher


I haven’t written for a while now because, to be completely honest, i’m completely shattered! So much has happened since my last post but I’ve simply not had the energy to write anything. Rob and I are both beginning to feel more settled in our jobs after a crazy first week: Our first week was an inset week to ease us into the school year, prep our classrooms and do necessary training. I felt totally in over my head with all of this and had no idea what was expected of me. During ‘classroom’ time I was shown my room and left to it. The internet was down so I couldn’t access any lesson plans or print anything for my room. There were meetings I was late for because I didn’t know they were happening or didn’t know what room they were in and meeting that were cancelled because there was no internet. Throughout the week I found myself hovering about with the other teachers not doing anything, simply because there was nothing we could do! With this being my first time properly teaching I was fretting about not having lesson planned anything and my anxiety was through the roof as well as feeling shattered trying to take everything in. Before starting work I was feeling really settled but after starting it turned everything upside down and I was feeling really home sick. If it wasn’t for Rob I think I would have got the first flight home!

The saving grace of this week though, was the other teachers. There are lots of younger teachers who both Rob and I get on with and they are all very sociable! After our first day everyone went for drinks and from then I knew me and Rob would get on with everyone and be fine! On the Wednesday we found out we could work from home on Thursday so of course, we ended up having a night of drinking! Then on Friday we had a big night out, I’ve quickly learnt that there is never a normal night in Bangkok. At one point about 10 of us were getting moto taxis to the next bar – with 3 on each bike, all having a chat whilst waiting for the lights to change! Then we went to Soi 11, a popular street filled with bars, clubs and, oh yeah – prostitutes, big black African prostitutes (not the usual ladyboys!). Then at 3am ordering some Indian food (i did not feel good the next day!).

My second week of work was the first week “teaching”. I say “teaching” because at the moment my job seems to be more about getting my 2 year old’s stop crying, getting them to sleep and stopping them from wetting themselves. So far, iv’e not done any real teaching! Just getting them to sit nicely in circle time is a challenge.

This is my life right now:


However, everyday is a little bit better. I have managed to establish a routine, my TA’s are amazing – they are holding this ship together right now! The children are so so so cute and everyday I see a little improvement in the ones who are struggling to settle in. It’s really hard because they keep talking to me in Thai, asking where there mummy is and I cant explain to them because I don’t speak enough Thai! It has definitely inspired me to learn Thai more though. Next week I plan to start teaching properly, this term is ‘all about me’ so on Monday I’m going to try teaching them about body parts… Lets see how that goes with a room full of screaming children!

…Wish me luck!

Man, my bum looks big! 

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