Will I ever stop sweating?

Well, the title sums it up I guess… Bangkok is hot, like, super hot. I know what your thinking – of course it’s hot! Did I not know this before? Well, I did! I just wasn’t quite prepared for it (is anyone though when you’ve lived in England your whole life?). Don’t get my wrong, I do prefer it to the cold and wet country I left behind, but it does have its cons. The humidity makes my hair go wild. I’ve only braved going outside with it down once and I instantly regretted it! Even with anti humidity spray – it does nothing!! (So don’t waste your money on that if your ever thinking of buying it). A 10 minute walk feels like an hour and back to my original point, you sweat! Well, I do anyway. And weirdly, not so much my armpits (the obvious part right!?) but anywhere else on my body you could think of. Mainly, my face. This is the biggest issue for me, I never feel like I look nice in this heat – i’m still trying to figure out how to “look good sweating”. I’ve not worn makeup since i’ve been here because, well, whats the point!. If anyone could share some tips with me or has some miracle cure as to how I can stop this problem please send them my way! (I do get very envious of the locals who don’t sweat a single drop and their hair is silky smooth. ((It’s almost like they were built for the heat!?))

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